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EVO Sportswear is an end-to-end custom teamwear and custom team sports apparel brand that specialises and delivers a complete functional solution for your team, club, school, corporate event or gym.

From design to custom sports uniform manufacturing. EVO’s advantages, service levels and production infrastructure are far advanced over our competition within the industry that outsource their orders to third party factories thus not having complete control of your order.

EVO’s shareholders have owned their state-of-the-art award winning factory and boast knowledge and expertise in manufacturing sustainable custom sportswear for professional and semi-professional teams and weekend warriors alike, which has been the cornerstone of our factory’s longevity since 1998.

EVO is passionate and committed in delivering excellence, providing a true “high performance” experience that we will exceed your expectations.

Our Production Process


Custom Teamwear

Optimise your impact by creating a one of a kind custom design through sublimation printing, this process has many benefits that allows you total freedom when customising your garment. Keep cool on the go using EVO’s trademark high filament Quick-Dri performance fabrics.

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Custom Team
Sports Uniforms

Happiness is standing out from the crowd through design. Show your true colours with a one of a kind design that will be embedded directly onto the fabric guaranteeing total freedom. This popular process gives you next level access to look just like the pros.



You may also like to customise your accessories to guarantee your branding stays on point. Life is too short to be boring. Branding is no longer just about stuff, it’s about the story you want to tell the world - why fit in when you were born to stand out.

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Evo Sportswear has been manufacturing customised professional and technically advanced sportswear for over twenty years. The founder of Evo Sportswear, Marcus Stergiopoulos, is a former professional soccer player. He understands the importance of a sports uniform and the impacts it has on athletes and their performance. Here are a few of the reasons why sports teams choose Evo Sportswear.

Fast Delivery:

We understand having the right uniform improves your overall performance. We dispatch orders to you on time and as quickly as possible. We also deliver Australian wide.

Cost Friendly:

We aim to provide sportswear that doesn’t break the bank. Our wide range of sportswear comes in different styles and colours at affordable prices for you and your team to choose from.

Quality Designs:

All of our sportswear offers great benefits to its wearers, such as breathable and moisture control fabric. For our custom designs, we use Italian Sublimation Print Technology for a guaranteed sharper, cleaner and vibrant finish.

This technology also ensures that your customised uniform doesn’t peel or fade, all while being better for the environment.


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