What Sportswear Can Do to Improve Your Performance and Recovery

Over the past few years, sportswear has gained popularity. This includes professional athletes using quality brands and more recently, sportswear has become a ‘trend’ when it comes to fashion. Although sportswear looks fashionable, there is more to it than what meets the eye. The technical side of sportswear has been rapidly improving to better performance, let us explain to you how. 

Specialised Sportswear

Have you worn an everyday t-shirt for exercise and noticed that very quickly it becomes soaked and distracts you from your exercise? This is because your everyday clothes aren’t made from the same technical materials sportswear is. High-quality sportswear has been designed and created especially for muscle support to enable you to train longer, harder and recover quickly. 

Unlike your regular clothes, newly made sportswear is made from infrared-emitting fabric. This fabric increases your blood circulation, regulates your body temperature and absorbs moisture while exercising. Therefore, allows your body to not get overheated and avoids the feeling of being hot and sweaty.

Performance Sportswear

Choosing sportswear that is designed specifically for your chosen sport, adds benefit to your training and performance by supporting the muscles that are being frequently used. For example, if you wear compression socks when running, the technical design of the socks will influence the body’s muscles to reduce any friction damage. They will also regulate your blood flow when training, preventing you from sustaining any avoidable injuries. Therefore, allowing you to train at your maximum capacity regularly without any soreness or long-term complications.  

Sportswear that regulates your blood circulation to the muscles that are being worked the hardest when training, also helps reduce any muscle cramps and fatigue. Another added benefit of using sportswear, is that any increased blood flow helps deliver vital nutrients to particular muscle groups. This helps your muscles to work harder and longer, although it is important to remember that this goes with correct dietary habits. 

Sportswear for Recovery

Along with preventing any injury and improving your performance, sportswear assists with in-between workout recovery. This is because sportswear significantly reduces DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and after a workout, cramps compared to regular clothes. Some advanced sportswear brands provide you with major recovery benefits such as body temperature regulation, pain relief and overall speedier recovery.

Performance and recovery sportswear, yes or no?

Performance enhancement sporting clothes are relatively new, but we can see that they already provide so many benefits to you when training rather than regular clothes. These technical advances in sportswear mean you can train longer and harder, which can only mean that you will experience an improvement to your overall physical performance. We are sure there will be more recovery and performance sportswear options in the future, so why not try out our range of customised sportswear today and see what works best for you and your training.