Benefits Of An Online Custom Sportswear Supplier

In todays world, ordering the things we all need online has become a very common practice. From tech gadgets through to holidays, people now buy online more than ever.

In our industry, the switch to online has been gradual, but it is now the leading way sports clubs and schools purchase uniforms and other custom sports apparel.

Some of the benefits of buying your custom sportswear online include:

1.       Access to more designs

When you order custom sports apparel online, chances are you will be able to choose beteeen a wider range of designs. Local printers or uniform suppliers are often very limited to mediocre brands of clothing. Many of them a part of a chain of stores, that all buy from the one supplier.

This means their design abilities are greatly reduced. Furthermore, a local uniform supplier will also only have one or two printing styles available to them. For high quality printing options, such a dye sublimation printing, they have to outsource it. Who do they outsource to? Well that is often either overseas, or to an online sports clothing manufacturer such as Evo Sportswear.

This means buying local is usually not what you are doing. You are hiring a middleman to outsource for you. At Evo Sportswear we manufacture our own clothing to meet the specifications of our clients. We are Australian owned and based on The Gold Coast.

2.       Access to more skills

Again, local uniform suppliers are limited to their skillset. Perhaps they are good at embroidering or can vinyl print names and numbers on to jerseys well. Maybe they are good graphic designers. However, they are limited to a very small skillset, which is often their own. Larger online suppliers have a team, with a variety of skills. Each one contributes to the quality of the garments produced.

3.       Access to more materials

Similar to the design aspect, the materials you can choose from at a local uniform shop is limited to what the owner believes he can sell. If you want high quality materials for example, then they may not have the option, as they might focus on profit, which can be higher using cheaper materials.

4.       More pricing options

When you shop online for custom sports clothing, it is easy to get a quote for the exact sporting uniforms you want. There is no driving around to see shop owners, being told what materials are available or not. Getting a price for what you want is much easier online.

It does sound romantic to use a local uniform supplier to print you school or clubs sports uniforms, but if you want the best results, on the best fabrics to suit your sport, then finding the right mix of price and quality is definitely easier from an online custom sports uniform supplier.

How To Customise Your Sports Jerseys Well?

Creating high quality custom football jerseys can be a tricky process. Once you have gone through all the choices, and they go for print, there is usually no turning back. So, getting the design and other choices right is very important.

Here are some of the main things to consider when designing jerseys for school teams or club teams, that may help you make more confident choices.

1.       Trust A Professional Designer

If you work with an experienced sports uniform designer, they can help you avoid common mistakes. They would have seen them all before. Whether it is advice on choosing colours, where to place logos or advertising, size of text and numbers or other options, they will be able to give you advice that counts.

2.       Choose The Best Fabric In Your Budget

Working within your budget is of course a very important consideration. In the long term, the quality of the material you choose will have the biggest affect on value. The quality of material will be the difference for how long your custom sports uniforms last. The quality of material will decide how long your shirts hold their shape. The quality of material dictates how easily a stain can be removed from a jacket and so on.

3.       Work With Trusted Manufacturers

We highly recommend choosing a sportswear designer that manufactures their own clothing. This takes away the risk of not getting what you hoped for when your uniforms arrive. A supplier who manufactures their own clothing has control over the quality.

If your supplier is outsourcing the manufacturing, then the quality is out of their hands. They become vulnerable to manufacturers taking short cuts, altering materials used, and so on. They also lose control of the timing. Your artwork also becomes vulnerable to translation issues and their compatibility with different companies print facilities.

The last thing you want is to be playing phone tag with a middleman who has lost control. while your team needs their uniforms today.

4.       Keep It Simple

As with many things in life, simplicity is often the cornerstone of quality design. We recommend not overcomplicating or over designing your sports uniforms. Strong, bold colours and lettering send a more powerful message than busy colours with lots of advertising messages.

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