Netball Uniform Options Help Get More Girls into Sports

Could modern netball dresses be the reason more girls are turned off participating in the sport? Recent research has shown that it is quite common for girls to feel self-conscious in sports uniforms. This could be the main reason why participation levels have dropped to low rates for girls compared to boys. 

Netball is the most popular sport in this country with over 1 million girls playing. Netball plays a huge role in getting girls involved in team sports all while promoting physical activity. Although, unfortunately, it is a concern this number of netball players could drop due to netball uniforms. A recent survey showed that at least 85% of girls would prefer shorts and a t-shirt while playing netball rather than the original dress. 

Many girls who have or are participating in netball expressed that they feel as though when they are wearing their uniform, they are constantly having to pull it down. Another concern for many players was that they felt their dress was flying up all the time when running on the netball court. The length of netball dresses was another major worry, especially for taller players. 

There has already been plenty of disturbance to team sports in the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has also added to the decline of players, so allowing girls to choose their netball uniform may help raise the number of participants again. Being able to choose their own uniform may also encourage more girls to join or rejoin their netball group. 

Leaving the option open for girls to choose between a t-shirt and shorts or a dress, gives girls the choice to decide which style of uniform makes them more comfortable to play in. This might include a longer uniform to reduce any sense of self-consciousness. Many community sports have already adopted this for their netball players and have seen an increase in interest.

Being able to choose their own comfortable sports uniform also has its benefits for the colder months of netball season too. Netball is played throughout the winter months and being out on the court can be very cold. Choosing a netball uniform with longer sleeves or wearing a pair of long tights is an easy way of ensuring players are more comfortable when playing netball in different types of weather conditions. 

Allowing girls to wear activewear that makes them feel less self-conscious and comfortable when playing netball has benefits both for the player and team. Players are more inclined to have a better overall performance when they are wearing a comfortable uniform. Girls are also more likely to want to participate in sports when their comfortability needs are met. 

Community netball sports teams are already working to increase players options when it comes to uniforms. This is in the hope that the number of girl players will increase and that more girls will start to feel confident and comfortable when playing netball with their peers and in front of crowds.

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