Sports Teamwear At The 2021 Olympics

There is no bigger sporting event in the world than the Olympic Games. For the past weeks we have all been watching athletes from countries all over the world participate in all kinds of sports.

As manufacturers of custom sportswear, we can’t help but check out what clothing the athletes are wearing. One of the lasting fashion statements of the 2021 games will be the mask. Everyone had to wear one. The team uniforms however were as fashionable as ever, and we would like to highlight a few great team wear outfits here.

The first uniform we enjoyed was that of Russia. Due to complicated political issues that are beyond a sports clothing blog, they had to refine their uniforms to not offend anyone. What they can up with was a stylish, modern outfit that was striking but simple.

There were no stars and no bears.  Just contrasting blocks of well-designed colour. Of course, they fit their team very well too.

One of the more add looking uniforms for me, was from Team USA. They look a bit more like they will be hoping in the Apollo 19 and jetting off to space than going to a sports event. For a summer Olympics, those jackets look a bit over the top.

custom teamwear usa.jpg

Having made a little bit of fun about this particular image, their actual sportswear was a lot better. The uniforms carried a lot more of the dark blue with stars that the white of these teamwear jackets.

Lastly, a lovely story out of Kazakhstan. Their team uniforms were all designed by members of their Olympic team. Their official designers consulted with team members on the choice of fabric, colours and other decorative elements of their sports uniforms.

kazahkstan teamwear.jpg

The reason for this is that they wanted the clothing to represent not just the country, but the journey of the athletes to the games. The colours of their uniform represent the endless blue skies above the steppe region the live in.

This goes to show that creating your own sports teamwear is not an impossible task that it might feel like when you first begin the process.

We felt the clothing at this Olympics was great. With new sports at the event like skateboarding, it was interesting as sportswear designers to see what different countries would come up with to make their clothing both attractive, but also comfortable and practical.

If you saw any uniforms that you thought really stood out, then why not let us know here.

Also, if you are creating new custom sports uniforms for your school, sports club or any other team, why not contact us for a quote and to get expert advice on the materials and designs that might work best for you.

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