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Design your own custom team sport uniforms with our leading online customisation process. We are a very experienced team in sublimation and ensure your jerseys, uniforms or other team apparel is exactly how you want it.

EVO is a cutting edge brand that goes beyond the norm to design and manufacture technically advanced apparel. that is helping athletes optimise performance. We constantly enrich our methodologies and ensure our custom sportswear products are of utmost professional quality. Our mission and goal is to administer fast, flexible solutions through innovation and ground-breaking bespoke designs that inspire athletes and teams to the pinnacle of performance and comfort. If you are in the market for team uniforms Australia, look no further!



- Phenomenal experience and work ethic that render us the leading team.
- State-of-the-art quality on all clothing, uniforms and garments.
- Affordability is key with all our products.
- Around the clock support to our clients.
- Quick-Dri moisture wicking technology helps you stay dry.
- Fabric: 100% CoolMesh Polyester.
- Impeccable customisation options and sublimation services.
- Leading embroidery services that are all client focused.
- We work alongside our clientele to get them the best team uniforms Australia.

With a vast knowledge and a drive for success in our industry, our team here at EVO Sportswear continuously deliver state-of-the-art team uniforms Australia that are of unmatched comfort and quality. Not only do we provide you with leading jerseys and uniforms, we give you the opportunity to customise your accessories to guarantee your branding stays on point. Branding is no longer just about a point of difference, it’s about the story you want to tell the world.

For additional information on our products and how you can order from a quality Australian sports team uniform supplier, contact us today.